New duties for Home and Abroad’s Director

Michael Lund has been named to the Advisory Council of Milspeak, a 501 public charitable organization supporting the creative arts endeavors of military service members, veterans, and family members. In the past he has served as a writing coach for the Milspeak Foundation, and the ebook version of his short story collection, How to Not Tell a War Story (2012) is one of Milspeak’s featured publications.
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Dr. Lund continues to collaborate with Military Experience and the Arts, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, volunteer-run organization whose primary mission is to work with veterans and their families to publish creative prose, poetry, and artwork. Their volunteers are based all over, including college professors, professional authors, veterans’ advocates, and clinicians. All editing, consultations, and workshops of Military Experience and the Arts are free of charge to those accepted for publication. Veterans and their families pay nothing for their services, and they never will.


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