Praise for Home and Abroad Writer

Kevin Hardy praise of Gary Bowman’s autobiograhical novel, Of Helicopters and Heroes, is featured in The VVA Veteran’s “Books in Review II”: “I enjoyed Of Helicopters and Heroes in which Gary Bowman gives some love to crew chiefs and door gunners. Most Vietnam War books focus on pilots, but the crewmen were an important component of all helicopter operations. . . . The book is informative about the experiences of everyone on the chopper and the vignettes are entertaining.” 

Gary Bowman of Loveland, Colorado, completed Of Helicopters and Heroes, a fictional account of a Huey helicopter crew chief’s one year tour in Vietnam. Inspired by real events, it includes photos and after-action reports to document the work’s historical accuracy. This 180-page, well-crafted tale offered a compelling narrative of challenge, hardship, and survival. A soldier’s humor balances the grimness of what had to be done.

Copies are available at Amazon.

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