Southern history and military service


Time, Space, and Poetry

One goal of Home and Abroad is to give members of military families a forum to present their experiences in picture and text. The poems of Daniel Corrie have already found their way into print and to audiences, but this collection places them in a special context: a history of his family’s service to the nation. Knowing that the frames of time and space are vital to those who are stationed across the country and around the globe, Corrie fixes his father’s and his brother’s exemplary careers in a poetic structure represented by and manifest in the life of the Georgia farm where he and his wife are restoring a habitat for the native longleaf pines.
A second important aim of Home and Abroad is to offer those without personal experience of military life the opportunity to explore its challenges and rewards. Corrie achieves that goal by showing that poetry can “cast a spell of healing,” that it can be “a shrine,” and that it is “one thread braiding through the collective” consciousness. Book of Years is an eloquent rumination on the nature of time, which in our minds folds back on itself to repair loss, contain generations, and build history.
When I tell those who obtain the book, “take your time” enjoying this work, then, I mean for them to connect their own time with the cycles and crossings of lives in Book of Years. My belief is that this journey will enrich our sense of our country’s past, its present, and the future we are building together. Contact the Director of Home and Abroad for more information.


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