Virginia Humanities Grant Application Approved

Home and Abroad projects in 2019 are supported in part by a grant from Virginia Humanities, whose mission is “to tell the stories of all Virginians—or, better yet, find ways for people to tell their own stories. We want to connect Virginians with their history and culture and, in doing that, help bring us all a bit closer together.

Home and Abroad applied for funds to design, print, distribute, and promote works by military, veterans, and family members in mostly rural Southside Virginia from December 2018 – December 2019. The primary project goal is to publicize ongoing and past efforts in this underserved region and beyond through reference to completed works, testimonials, and announcements.

The audience for Home and Abroad projects began with the family, friends, and comrades of authors. However, more and more the program is getting attention in the media for expanding awareness of the challenges and rewards of military service. Virginia Humanities’ support for this effort is timely and generous.

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