Memorial Day 2021

The Director’s Memorial Day opinion piece , “Blue  Smoke War/White Bones Men,” was published in the May 31, 2021, Richmond Times-Dispatch. (If the link doesn’t open  and asks you to sign in, click the X in the upper right.) Michael Lund recounts how Farmville, Virginia, veterans groups and law enforcement arranged for the burial of a Vietnam veteran in the Amelia Virginia Veterans Cemetary.


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  1. As I read this article I came to understand why our son avoids sharing his thoughts about the Iraq War in which he lost his leg and two friends. We have learned recalling the past brings painful memories that are best left in the past. Honoring his service makes him uncomfortable for as he tells it the story is not about just him but about all the men and women who serve. He would not submit to a newspaper interview unless the other members of his unit were included. Your article and assistance in helping me write my story enabled me to accept the painful memories. Thank you. Your friend and student ,Deanna Schwartz

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