Professor Emeritus of English at Longwood University in Virginia, Michael Lund conducts writing workshops with Home and Abroad, a free writing instruction program for veterans, active-duty military, and families. He serves as a Military Writers Society of America Ambassador, linking his efforts with this national organization.

He plans to partner with The Muse Writers Center in Norfolk, VA., this fall to offer a hybrid class (in person and online).

In April he presented at the Glorybound “CV Writers & Publishers Conference: Bringing professional writers and publishers together for education, connection, and exposure. Camp Verde. Terracotta, Founders & ZOOM Room.” Lund’s “Developing Character and Story” explored a theoretical framework with “Gravity,” a short chapter in his ongoing Persimmon River novel series.

Under the pen name of Taylor Curtis, he has initiated The Persimmon River Novels,

in which Staffordshire, a village of 2000 nestled on an inland bay formed by a North Carolina river, is another dying American smalltown; yet individuals are drawn together—instinctively? mysteriously? magically?—to rebuild a community and a tradition.

The first novel, Bridge, is available on Amazon.

In this novel, the town finds itself divided on how to repair or replace historic Short, a key connection within the community and to the larger world. The townspeople must make new bridges or abandon their identify.




“Gravity,” a short story, has been published in the Cuddy Family Foundation for Veterans Poetry & Short Story Journal Volume Seven February 29, 2024. It comes from Independence, a Persimmon River novel-in-progress.

Route 66 Déjá Vu: We graduated in 1965 and were drafted is  the first in the Open Road Open Book Novel Series. Read more order and copies at AMAZON.

Route 66 Déjà Vu “examines local, national, and international mid-twentieth-century problems that still exist today. Naturally, Lund writes about the Vietnam War. He served in-country as an Army correspondent in 1970-71. . . . The book broadens . . . wartime perspective with stories told by friends who were soldiers and nurses. Similarly, the dialogue often sounds as if each pronouncement is a lesson about our nation’s present or past behavior.  . . . In evaluating [Lund’s earlier books], the late David Willson wrote in these pages: “I highly recommend the stories to all those drawn to serious writing about the Vietnam War and to seekers after the whole story—not just a narrow story told over and over again. The stories showed me what rear- echelon personnel contributed to our war. Thanks to Michael Lund for bravely going with his short stories where no other Vietnam War author has gone before.”
—Henry Zeybel, Vietnam Veterans of America Veteran Books in Review II December 2023

MWSA Review

Route 66 Déjà Vu by Michael Lund is a story of life and change in America during a unique period in American History. The story is tangentially tied to the most famous American highway in recent history, the fabled Route 66. In this story, the old Route 66 is used as a backdrop to a man’s discovery that his early perceptions of life were wrong, and that the life that he had thought he had enjoyed was different and more complex than he had realized.

The story follows Curtis as he works with the reunion committee to rewrite the High School Annual and bring it up to date after 50 years. . . . In the course of the story, Curtis makes visits to Route 66 and some of its iconic cafes, motels, and tourist attractions. The real story here appears to be Curtis’s travails in trying to bring about a perfect 50th Class Reunion for his high school when many of his classmates have different points of view and experiences than he does after graduation.

The author, through Curtis, touches on several important issues, like race relations, misogyny, and service in the military, in the course of his attempts to convince other classmates to support his ideas for the reunion. Who knew that arranging a 50th reunion could be quite such an adventure?

Review by Larry Sharrar (March 2024)

“Turtles,” a short story, appeared in Snapshots, in the 2023 Anthology of the Military Writers Society of America. It comes from Lund’s The Persimmon Rivers Novels, a series set in the Tidewater region of North Carolina that highlights the contribtions of veterans from different eras.

The Military Writers Society of America, along with The Cuddy Foundation for Veterans, have named “Muddy Confluence,” a short story by Michael Lund, as a finalist in the 2022 Writing Contest. They say further that “We are going to be publishing a book with the poems and short stories from all of the finalists that will be available on Amazon soon.”

Two of Lund’s stories appeared in 2021:  “Near Near-Death Experiences,” in Untold Stories: 2021 Anthology (Military Writers of America Society, 2021); and “Butt Dump,” in New Contexts 2. London: Coverstory Books, 2021.

Blue Smoke War; White Bones Men,” a Memorial Day 2021 Op-Ed appears in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

“Counter-weight,” a commntary, appears in the December 2020 issue of Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine. On that page is a link to “Bees,” a short story that was published in the November issue.