Cumberland, October 6, 2023

Dr. Lund explained the Home and Abroad Writing Program to gaythered Post members, family, and guests. Then a power point presentation by Dean Lord about how, after his Navy career, he became an artist was shown. See the video here.

Expanding Veterans’ Voices, continued …

Crewe, VA, Nottoway County Public Library, April 25,2023 Dillwyn, VA, Buckingham County Public Library, April 18, 2023. Cumberland October 4, 2023 Charlotte Courthouse, Nov 4, 2023 Dean Lord talks about his lifelong desire to be an artist. He was able to pursue this dream after he served in the US Navy in Vietnam. Listening are Dean Schwartz and his mother … Read More

April Library Exhibit Openings

On April 11 at 6:00 p.m., in cooperation with Virginia Humanities and Longwood University, Home and Abroad continued its spring program, “Expanding the Audience for Veterans Voices,” with an opening event at the Central Virginia Regional Library (1303 Main Street, Farmville). Dr. Michael Lund, Professor Emeritus of Longwood University, began the event with a brief presentation: “Shaking the Hand of … Read More

Longwood University Announces Library Exhibit Openng

  (Farmville, VA) – On April 11, at 6:00 pm, Central Virginia Regional Library will host an exhibit opening, “Expanding the Audience for Veterans’ Voices,” featuring works written by military, veterans, and families about their experiences serving their country. Dr. Michael Lund, Professor Emeritus of Longwood University, will begin the event with a brief presentation, “Shaking the Hand of History.” … Read More

Praise for Home and Abroad Writer

Kevin Hardy praise of Gary Bowman’s autobiograhical novel, Of Helicopters and Heroes, is featured in The VVA Veteran’s “Books in Review II”: “I enjoyed Of Helicopters and Heroes in which Gary Bowman gives some love to crew chiefs and door gunners. Most Vietnam War books focus on pilots, but the crewmen were an important component of all helicopter operations. . … Read More

Veteran’s story continued . . .

More than five years ago, Gary Bowman of Loveland, Colorado, completed Of Helicopters and Heroes, a fictional account of a Huey helicopter crew chief’s one year tour in Vietnam. Inspired by real events, it includes photos and after-action reports to document the work’s historical accuracy. This 180-page, well-crafted tale offered a compelling narrative of challenge, hardship, and survival. A soldier’s … Read More

Artist and Veteran

Dean Lord grew up in New York state wanting to be an artist. His talent was evident as early as age 6, when he completed this piece. His father thought that would be a hard way to make a living, so introduced him to the carpenter’s trade, where he was successful and might have stayed for many years. Military service … Read More