From the US Army to the Peace Corps

Green Bay, Virginia, Army veteran completed an account of his year in Vietnam–and his two years in Malaysia as a Peace Corps volunteer. After basic training and telephone cable splicing school, he was sent to the 41st Signal Battalion in Qui Nhon, city is on the South China Sea and a major port for our forces. Three months after arriving … Read More

Fall Harvest.

  This semester the students planted, tended and then harvested a “victory garden” as part of Lund’s English 215 class, titled “9/11: Loss and Redemption.” The class counts as credit toward the Historical and Contemporary Insights pillar in Longwood’s Civitae core curriculum.  I thought I could put in place something that is a gesture to the veteran community and also … Read More

US Department of Agriculture Visitors

Military Veterans Agricultural Liaisons Bill Ashton and ​Matthew Underwood spoke to students in English 215, who are managing the Victory Garden this semester, about Department of Agriculture initiatives to support retiring military who want to move into farming in their civilian careers. Mr. Underwood, a Marine veteran who served multiple tours in Iraq, explained how veterans want to serve the community in … Read More

Director addresses Military Officers

At the Riverside Cafe in Farmville on November 22, Dr. Lund presented an overview of Home and Abroad to the local chapter of the Military Officers Association of America. With more than 350,000 members from every branch of service, MOAA is a leading voice on compensation and benefit matters for all members of the military community Lund explained that Home and Abroad … Read More

Book Signing

Friends and business associates of Ralph Jackson celebrated the completion of his memoir, “My Road to World War II and Beyond,” with a generous reception at the Lynchburg General Aviation terminal. Ralph, who served in the Navy in World War II, has an office in the complex and continues to train new pilots. He has given over 3,000 flight checks to qualified … Read More

War widow tells of her loss

Anita Carroll, Lynchburg resident, begins her straightforward account of loss and recovery this way: On February 28, 1969 while scouting for the enemy from above in a helicopter, an enemy soldier managed to shoot up through the chopper hitting Tom.The pilot immediately headed to the nearest Field Hospital at Lai Khe where it was determined he needed to be further … Read More

New Writing

Following a five-week writing workshop held at the Piedmont Area Veterans Council in Farmville, VA, four authors were presented with copies of their finished products. Ramon Stafford, “49 Months aboard the Cambria”, an account of one phase of a retired Navy Master Chief. Phyllis Stafford, “Oh, Best Beloved,” stories told by a Navy wife to her children, grandchildren, and great … Read More

Virginia Humanities Grant Application Approved

Home and Abroad projects in 2019 are supported in part by a grant from Virginia Humanities, whose mission is “to tell the stories of all Virginians—or, better yet, find ways for people to tell their own stories. We want to connect Virginians with their history and culture and, in doing that, help bring us all a bit closer together.“ Home … Read More