The Blood Runs

     In 2016 Gentle Culpepper of Boston, Massachusetts, finished The Blood Runs, an autobiographical account of a life begun in poor neighborhoods of Boston and Los Angeles, continued in Vietnamese jungles, and resumed with battles against drugs, depression, and prejudice in the States. Gentle presents us with many images we would prefer not to encounter, but he delivers them … Read More

Of Helicopters and Heroes

This fall Gary Bowman of Loveland, Colorado, completed Of Helicopters and Heroes, a fictional account of a Huey helicopter crew chief’s one year tour in Vietnam. Inspired by real events, it includes photos and after-action reports to document the work’s historical accuracy. The tale begins with drama:     “It’s way too close in here,” Tim Burroughs thought. The river … Read More

Agent Orange Symposium

Michael Lund spoke about the Home and Abroad at The Agent Orange Symposium on December 10, 2016.

Piedmont vets support Lund

Co-Founder Sarah Dunn and President Shorty Osborn, right, present a $500 check to Dr. Michael Lund to be used for his “Home and Abroad” writing program for veterans and their families.

Spring 2016 Writing

On a January 1967 patrol in a remote valley of the highland wilds in Binh Dinh province, South Vietnam, miles from any friendly force, United States Army infantryman Stephen Saunders screamed inside his head, “‘Nobody cough or move.’” His inner voice was trying to reach the inner ears of Ski and Hays, the other two members of three-man “pony team.” … Read More

Podcast about the program

This show from Florida speaker and podcast host Mack Payne of Vietnam Veteran News places the writing program in the context of nationwide awareness of the benefits of writing and community life in Farmville, Virginia.  

Fall Workshop

The first Writing Seminar for veterans, military, and family members was held from September 8 to October 8, 2015, in Blackstone, Virginia. The Blackstone Conference And Retreat Center generously offered space for the five Tuesday sessions from 5:00-7:00 p.m. An outline of the workshop, which will be repeated in 2016 in different locations, is as follows: Description: a free program for … Read More